Rick Tipton a.k.a. Storm Dancer

Rick Tipton a.k.a. Storm Dancer

As a Self taught artist I am glad to present my work for your enjoyment
as I travel through life.

Visit my site periodically to see where and or what I’m up to next!


End of August I’m off to Spain somewhere along the Camino ‘de Santiago to gather material for more painting thru the winter/to clear the baggage from my head and to improve my health(loss weight) so here’s to my viewers Thanks and see you later. RLT


Yep I’m back and finally getting around to check things out.

  For anyone interested in doing the Jacob’s Weg–“Camino de Santiago de Compostella” , Do It.  Get inshape first though.  I was under prepared for the trek and over loaded but all in all it was great.   Spain is a wonderfull land and the people you’ll meet are fantastic (so open and warm).                                        I’m definitely going to do it again just need to save up again for the trip. Not to mention get some Artwork done and hopefully sold. I’ll get around to adding travel  photos soon. RLT


 Unfortunately  artists are not immune to the trials of life! Quite the opposite they usually hit us harder.

 The dive that the economy has taken means a tight budget has to get even tighter,so travel is out for the forseeable future.

 The wife and I are considering whether it would be wise for us to find a commune to integrate with to make life a little easier finanncially. We would also be less isolated socially that way.

 The Friesian folk are difficult to deal with and personal relationships are a long hard pull. You’ll know someone for ten years here and they still won’t call you by name. We’ve lived here in Aurich for 9 1/2 yrs. been involved in the community and still have only passing aquaintances with most of the people we call friends, with only two friends that have ever come into our home. Not that they havn’t been invited on numberous ocassions. The culture here seems to expect you to come and visit them but there is no reciprical response. Hard Folk!


  We have lived in Gotha ,Thuringen Wald now for ten months weather and people here are considerably more friendly than Ostfriesland and so far we are glad of the move. Now to get my Art stuff unpacked and get started again.

 I recently had a small showing of my paintings at the Spatz in the KOWA in Waltershausen. No sales but lots of comments! Just have to get known in the region!




Fountain in the Walled city of Dubrovnik

Fountain in the Walled city of Dubrovnik


A couple of years ago my wife and I spent a week in Dubrovnik,Croatia.
While much of Dubrovnik is now a thriving Metropol the Old Walled City  retains it’s Medieval charm.
View of Dubrovnik

View of Dubrovnik